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Bottles for Blueberry Bible Camp

A group of local scrapbookers is holding a bottle drive to buy new beds for the Blueberry Bible Camp. Your donations can be dropped off at Fort St John Bottle Depot on April 21st from 9:30am to 5pm. The volunteers will sort them for you.

For more information you can visit the Facebook Event Page.


Coming soon…

I apologize for the lack of content over the last couple months. Home life tends to take priority when you are a solo blogger with a full time job and kids.

Please continue to come back for more content in the coming months. Posts I have planned include:
-DIY cake and cupcake stands
-Are we being “greenwashed” by product marketing?
-Homemade cleaning products
-The basics of using cloth diapers
-The start up of a local coupon group
-More adventures in online shopping
-and many more….

Feel free to email me if you have any topics you would like to hear about, posts you’d like to write, or local food you’d like to tell the public about.

I am home.

I will have this weeks prices listed late tonight or tomorrow morning.

Note to readers:

I am leaving on vacation tonight for 2 weeks. I will have this week’s sale prices posted by tomorrow morning.

I can’t guarantee that I will have the next two week’s prices posted, but I will do my best.

I will continue to post any food articles or coupons I come across that I think are worth sharing.

Wish me luck in searching out the sun!

BOGO Peek Freans coupon available

“Like” Peek Freans on their Facebook page and register to receive your coupon in the mail.


**Update – No more coupons are available. You can still Like the page to be eligible for future contests and offers.

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