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Why we canceled our TV service

Easy answer: because it is expensive, there is never anything on, and it is all free on the internet.


I have been a TV aficionado pretty much my whole life.  When I was growing up a meaningful family evening consisted of Home Improvement  or Law & Order. I have always had cable or satellite service as an adult paying my own bills. Until recently, our TV was always on when we were awake, whether we were watching it or not.

We still love TV, but we have developed a different relationship with it. These days we only want to watch specific shows on our schedule. Watching TV on the internet has given us completely different control over our TV watching. Now we watch what we want when we want. We don’t have to worry about if the VCR or DVR was set to record properly. We can watch our favorite shows where every we have access to internet. The lack of commercials doesn’t hurt either. At most you get one commercial between segments, but most websites don’t have any commercials at all.

Every Canadian network has some or all of their programming available online now. A high percentage is available in high definition. Most TV shows are available the day after it originally aired. If you are a person who records shows, this wouldn’t be any different for you.

To make internet streaming TV seem more normal we connect a laptop to our TV with an HDMI cable and change the display settings to use extended desktop. Check into the connection options of your hardware.  I also recommend you check the bandwidth limitations of your internet service level.  Shaw customers can log into their account online to see their limits and their usage stats, I’m not familiar with Telus.

We do pay for Netflix. I know most of the content is older, or low budget, but there are a lot of movies and programs I have never watched. For $8 a month it gives us a little extra selection.

Here is a list of the channel websites I have found that stream free TV content within Canada:


Much Music

Learning & lifestyle:
Knowledge network
National Geographic
Food Network

Disney Junior

Free documentaries
Spike TV

Tell us about any other websites you watch TV on. Is there a specific show you are looking for that I can help you find? Tell us about your TV preferences in the comments below.


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