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BOGO Peek Freans coupon available

“Like” Peek Freans on their Facebook page and register to receive your coupon in the mail.


**Update – No more coupons are available. You can still Like the page to be eligible for future contests and offers.


Where to find coupons in Canada

I’ve had many people ask where I get all my coupons. It’s really not hard once you start looking.

One of my eastern Canada counterparts has written a very informative post on how to find coupons in Canada. There are more out there than you realize.

Miss Savings Girl: Where to find coupons in Canada.

Tell us in the comments where you find coupons. I always like a good tip.

Free Chocolate Cherrios tomorrow

Do you have your coupon? Do you plan on using it?


What do you think of this product? I’ve read what all the food and health bloggers have to say. What about you, the consumer?

Does chocolate belong at the breakfast table?


Tell us how you feel in the comments.

Fort St John Coupon Swap Group

I am starting a coupon swap group here in Fort St John.


How does it work, you ask?

Let’s say I prefer Crest toothpaste and you prefer Colgate. We can swap coupons with each other and both save more money.

We will meet once a month for about an hour to exchange coupons we won’t use. We can also exchange tips on finding sales and using coupons. This is great way to make sure valuable coupons get used by someone before they expire.

I can accept a maximum of 10 participants. Participants are encouraged to collect as many coupons as possible (while leaving some on tearpads for other shoppers). Please use the form below to register. Dates will be set to accommodate as many people as possible.

Savings you have to see to believe

These are the receipts from my last two trips to Safeway, today and last week.
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