Weekly grocery store meat and produce prices (#yxj)

Safeway and Sobeys have 10% Tuesday this week, with a minimum purchase.

Click for Meat Prices

Click for Produce Prices

Prices that caught my eye this week:

Ivory Body Wash 2 for $5.00
Venus razor blade refills 50% off when you buy 2 or more
Dove Ultimate Fresh deoderant $2.50 (there have been several $1 coupons available lately)
Off insect repellants are 20% off. (SDM has Deep Woods cans for $10.49, for comparison)

Cascade Action packs 25s are $5.97
Dawn dish soap $1.97
Gillette shave gels (20% more cans) are $2.46. They didn’t have these on the shelf as of friday night. An employee said they will be out by the end of the weekend.

Kraft Cracker Barrel cheese 700g $7.97
Bulk dried fruit 20% off. Try some blueberries or cherries in your morning oatmeal.
Minute Maid 1L tetra pack juice $1.00
Western Family Pasta 450g $1.00


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