Savings to phone home about!

I love it when sales and coupons match up beautifully. I am in the habit of collecting coupons for the things I buy regularly, whether I need the item right now or not. Then I wait for those items to show up on sale at their lowest prices (Product prices go through a cycle over the course of a few months or a year). When that happens I have a stack of coupons waiting to stock up at the lowest possible price.

Tonight’s steal of a deal made me want to kick up my heels in the store. Shopper’s Drug Mart has Gillette body wash and deodorant for $2.99, regularly $6.49 and $6.99 respectively. With the combination of some “Buy 3 get $5 off” and some $1 coupons, I was able to purchase over $100 worth of product for $23.19.


Yes, you read that right. I bought 10 body washes and 5 deodorants for the price of 3 body washes. AND 8 of those bottles have an extra 33%, so that’s like buying 2.66 more bottles.

I know what you are thinking now. What is she going to do with all of that body wash? Well, we really don’t need to stock more than six months worth of product, so a lot of this will be donated. How could I not afford to give when they cost just over $1.oo each.

*I also have to give kudos to a Shoppers Drug Mart customer that the cashier told me about. He said he rang through a customer that only paid $1.00 for $95.00 worth of products. Good work! I’d love to hear from you if any of my readers knows who you are.


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