Weekly grocery store meat and produce prices (#yxj)

Click for Meat Prices

Click for Produce Prices

Prices that caught my eye this week:
Kleenex 3 packs $4.97
Purex 30/60 pack $11.98 (that’s 20c per roll)
Philadelphia Cream Cheese $2.47

Shoppers Drug Mart:
Europe’s Best frozen fruit 2/$9 and vegetables are 2/$5
Campbell’s Chunky soup $1.99 (that’s cheaper than Costco)
Kashi cereals $3.99

Kraft Cracker Barrel cheese 750g $7.99 when you buy 2 or more

Hot cross buns $2.97/12

*The Pricesmart flyer was not delivered on Friday. I will add the prices as soon as I have the info.  The flyer showed up today and the prices are now entered

Wish me luck this week, I start a new job! I promise to keep bringing you all of the information you have become accustomed to reading here. If there is anything else you are interested in, please let me know.


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