How do I know I’m getting a deal?

How do you that price in the flyer is really the lowest price? So many times a sale price at one store is still higher than the regular price at another store.

Someone like me makes a list of prices for regular items you purchase to refer to while reading the weekly flyers.

With this list, you can easily determine if an advertised sale price is really a deal. It may also help you decide which store to do the bulk of your shopping at when you need things that aren’t on sale. I also have a column that tells me what prices to wait for. I’m not going to jump at a 50 cent savings when I know I can get a $2 savings if I wait a little longer.

I have decided to pass my list on to you, my readers, to help you in your grocery buying decisions. I have loaded it in Excel format so that you can edit it to suit your shopping preferences. It isn’t completely finished, but it will always be a work in progress.

View as a webpage here

Download the spreadsheet here

Let me know what you think. How do you keep track of prices? Let our readers know in the comments.


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