Weekly local grocery store meat and produce prices (#yxj)

Meat Prices

Produce Prices

Prices that caught my eye this week:
Sobey’s has some $2 chicken this week. Kraft BBQ sauces are $.99.
RCWC frozen turkeys are a great price for making your own ground turkey or sausage. Oasis 100% juices are $1 ea.
Shopper’s Drug Mart has 946ml bottle of International Delights creamer for $3.99.
Pricesmart has Breyers ice cream for $3.97. That’s a decent price for stocking up. It will be $7 in the summer when you want it.They also have Oasis juices for $.97.

It looks like I may be having some BBQ chicken this week, if the weather cooperates; probably with some fresh spring asparagus. What are you going to have? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. You are my new favorite. I didn’t know the flyers were the same as here in Alberta! I’m so glad you do this!

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