Weekly local grocery store meat and produce prices

And again the Pricesmart flyer did not show up in my mailbox before the weekend. Do we have any Canada Post readers that know why? I am impatiently waiting for their weekly email to land in my inbox so that I can complete this week’s data

UPDATE: Pricesmart data has been added. There wasn’t must, but their meat prices this week are pretty good. I’m contemplating picking up a turkey or two for grinding up.

What do you plan on buying this week? Let us know in the comments.

Meat prices

Produce prices

A few other prices that caught my eye:
Shoppers Drug Mart has Kashi granola bars for $2.99 a box.

Safeway has Purex 30 roll packs for $5.99 and you get 40 bonus Airmiles when you buy 2 packs. They also have Kraft cheese 750g packages for $7.99 for the first one.

Real Canadian Wholesale Club has a variety of cereals for $3.97 a box.

Pricesmart: Western Family plain yogurt is $1.97, all organic bulk dried fruit is 20% off, and Western Family canned tomatoes are $1 a can.


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